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I composed this track around the same time as "Adventure".  Also based on the Elf Quest comic books, this track was intended to be the background music that takes place while the elves are escaping through a network of tunnels under the mountains.

Many of the instruments were taken from some Amiga games I had at the time.  Some of the orchestral sounds were from "Castles", the big drum and chords were from "Ultima VI", and the rest of the instruments came from other MODs since I didn't have a sampler yet.

This was one of the first MOD files I released on Aminet.  Check the instrument list in the MOD and you'll note I was still going by the handle "Melf" at that time!

A definite inspiration for this track was the music from "Shadow of the Beast" (great soundtrack by David Whittaker) for the Amiga.  Listeners familiar with this game might notice that the intro of my track is rather similar to the intro of the tree cave music!

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