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Chronologic Foundations (Final Version)

In 2004, I converted this track to XM format and added two more channels to it in order to add some echoes and delays to a few of the tracks that were sounding a bit thin.  (OctaMED SoundStudio had reverb built in, so it wasn't necessary to code these delays)

It sounds pretty much identical to the earlier version.  I have also panned a few of the instruments to make them a bit easier to hear.

This version should play more reliably than the previous release.  See below for more information about the track itself.

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Aminet DE (209KB LHA)

Chronologic Foundations (OctaMED Version)

This was one of the first tracks I wrote when I was a beta-tester for OctaMED SoundStudio.  Teijo Kinnunen (developer of OctaMED) liked this track enough to include it as a demo track for the commercial release of OctaMED SoundStudio.

Out of all the music I have written, this is one of my favourites.  I've had lots of feedback saying the same thing about this track.

When I was working on it, I wanted to create something that sounded landscape-ish, and I wanted to experiment a bit with the rhythm.  The little 'hiccup' you hear from time to time in this track is one of these experiments.

Tampering with the rhythm of a track in this way was inspired by "The First Circle" by Pat Metheny, which I had performed when I was in my high-school's jazz band.

I remixed this track in 2002/2003 on request by my friend Andreas (DarkStar.) to be included on his "Evolution" CD.

Warning: This track has playback issues in PC players such as ModPlug.  A 100% compatible OctaMED player is recommended.  I recommend Deliplayer.

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