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One day, I was looking for some new MOD files to listen to and I stumbled across "Lizardking's Theme" in MOD format by Gustaf "Lizardking" Grefberg.  I really liked his track, so I decided to write a theme in a similar style for myself.  Perhaps it seems a bit narcissistic to write a song about oneself, but it was really just done in good fun.  :)

Some of the instruments were sampled from my Yamaha PSR-38, while others were taken/ripped from other MODs and collections.  The drum track was put together by layering individual drum sounds in a sound editing program on my Amiga.  These were then sequenced together in the MOD file.

Easter Egg Alert: At about 5:38 into this track, you can hear the melody from the WesTower theme, which was never released.

Reviews of Counterpoint


Classification: Ballad
Musical Rating: very good/semi-pro
    Well, Well. This is a nice song with a touch of midieval. I think I could go listening to this song forever. This is the kind of music I listen to when I'm at a bad mood. This song really makes you feel good, but there is something in the song that makes it sound sad. Perhaps you could listen to this song during a romantic evening.
Technical Rating: very good/semi-pro
    There is some great sounding instruments used in this song. For example is there a trumpet that sounds soooo... great, and the melody makes me feel good. The tones fit well together and it is clean souns. Very well done!

Reviewer: Ahlin

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