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Counterpoint v2.0

In the summer of 1995, my buddy Mike (Bytecrusher) let me borrow his PC while he was away on vacation so that I could try out FastTracker II.  This was the very first track that I created in FT2.

I figured that if I remade my earlier MOD then I could focus more on learning the tracker and less on writing the music itself.

The concept behind these tracks was to represent, in music, my personality and outlook on life.  I've been told that it is quite an uplifting track, which I take as a complement of the highest order!

A few new ideas made it into the track though, and before long I had this rather lengthy monstrosity ready to go.

Counterpoint: v2.0: Top Ten of the Week Nominee on Trax In Space for Week #29, 1998.
Counterpoint: v2.0: Top Ten of the Week Nominee on Trax In Space for Week #29, 1998.

Perhaps my favourite part of the entire track is the ending segment that starts at about 10:48.  The harmony in this section was almost completely accidental, but somehow ended up sounding "just right".

Some instruments were taken from other MODs while a few others (French Horn and string chord samples) were sampled from my Yamaha PSR-38.

Two great inspirations for this XM were Gustaf Grefberg (Lizardking) and the soundtrack to the movie "The Neverending Story".

Reviews of Counterpoint v2.0


Classification:Easy listening
Musical Rating: Excellent/Semi-pro
    This sounds great. This song is just like the one nwxt to. (ctpoint.xm) But this one is even better. the artist added a bassdrum and got some different rythm. This sounds almost perfect, ther is just a part in the middle of the song that's got a other style. If that eould be changed I would have given this song a 10, no doubt about that.
Technical Rating: very good/semi-pro
    This artist really works with the instrumens, and makes it sound great. He/she uses a lot of tones but that is absolut no disadvantage. I just want to say something to the artist: Keep up that good work and make mor of this kind of songs.
Reviewer: Ahlin

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