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Crystal Orbit (16-bit Remix)

This is an updated version of Vogue's famous "Crystal Orbit" MOD from the "Crystal Dreams" demo by Triton.

Being one of my most favourite MODs of all time, I thought it would be fun to remix it as an XM with cleaner samples and expand the original four channels to 22 channels.  I think the resulting music manages to sound crisper than the original while still remaining completely true to it (I did not change a single note).

Crystal Orbit (16-bit Remix): Top Ten of the Week Nominee on Trax In Space for Week #48, 1999.
Crystal Orbit (16-bit Remix):
Top Ten of the Week Nominee on Trax In Space for Week #48, 1999.

Most of the new instruments were from the MAZ collection, and a few of them were from the Soundwave collection.  Only one single sample was kept from the original version: the clock tick noise.

In order to update the song and preserve all the original notes, I analyzed every chorded instrument from the MOD version and wrote them out on paper.  Then, I was able to recreate them with actual instruments and pan each note in order to create more of a sense of space.  I worked with the original track in the first four channels and the remix occupying the rest of the channels, so that I could constantly check the notes I was adding against the original.

To add some more detail to it, I also created a sort of surround channel with some of the melodic synths, which should be picked up by Dolby Prologic decoders and sent to the rear speakers.

Originally, this was released in 1999 on the TraxInSpace website, with permission from Magnus "Vogue" Högdahl.

Big thanks to Vogue for creating such a fine track to begin with!

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