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DreamScope I

When I started working on this track, I wanted to create something with more elaborate rhythms and a bit of a middle-Eastern influence.

Most of the work for this was done in OctaMED SoundStudio, which allowed me to create the layered drums and the sliding melodic line.  I used OctaMED to digitally mix these 'layers' into single samples which I then used in the final 4-channel track.  At some times you can hear up to about 10 channels playing at the same time.  :)

I have plans to remake this MOD using more modern equipment and techniques along with its sibling, "DreamScope II".

Warning: This MOD might not play 100% correctly in ModPlug Player.

Reviews of DreamScope I


Classification: Electronic/Arabesque
Musical Rating: Excellent / Professional
    This has been one of my favorite mods for the past 5 years. Counterpoint really earns his name with this song, with its staccato counterpoint melodies. This song is not only unique in style, but is also an interesting and entertaining listen. It was really hard to classify this song, but the one recurring melody in this song definitely has an Arabic feel to it, so I gave this song a classification that is normally reserved for the worlds of art and interior decor.
Technical Rating: Excellent / Professional
    When I first listened to this song, I thougt that Counterpoint was a god of portamento until I looked at the samples and patterns, and though he does do some pitch slides here and there, I found that instead he is a whiz at sample editing. I also really dig the bass/drum sample (#7). You could probably make a kickin' tune just using that one. For his demonstrated ability to interweave such complex countermelodies, I would have to rate this as a technical masterpiece.
Reviewer: Eric Fortin

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