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DreamScope II (MED Release)

Continuing where I left off with DreamScope I, I wanted to further explore the possibilities of ethnic rhythms and synthesized instruments.

This one was inspired by the "Passion" CD (Last Temptation of Christ Soundtrack) by Peter Gabriel.  What I really liked was his combination of synth sounds (especially the bass instruments) and the tribal rhythms.

Here's a strange bit of trivia about DreamScope II: one of the 'ethnic' instruments is actually a kitchen noise (a wooden spoon tapping something) that I sampled from a Canadian TV cooking show titled "The Urban Peasant".  It kind of sounds like a rattly woodblock which I combined with the other sounds to create the main rhythm.

I am planning to remake this track in a future project, along with DreamScope I.

This MED version seems to play just fine in ModPlug Player.

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DreamScope II (XM Rerelease)

This track was converted to XM in 1999 and finalized in 2004 (improved the panning).  This was done to make the track more accessible to everyone, since reliable OctaMED players are not very common these days.

Now that I think about it, MED was always a minority in the tracker scene... still, it was a very cool music tracker in its glory days.

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