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Effigy (Idol II)

This track was written as a "sequel" to Idol, hence the title.  It started as some small ideas for a pipe organ track but quickly got out of hand and evolved into more of a demostyle song.

The big drum sounds I used at the beginning were sampled from a Weather Report track and then sequenced in MED.  I can't remember what the name of this track is, but I can tell you that it involves a fellow shouting things out in non-English while pounding on these drums.

Effigy: Top Ten of the Week Nominee on Trax In Space for Week #36, 1998.
Effigy: Top Ten of the Week Nominee on Trax In Space for Week #36, 1998.

Also, I should mention that the nice clean trumpet instrument was borrowed from a MOD by Weasel.

I wasn't really able to decide if I wanted to write classical music or demostyle music so I ended up with this strange sort of hybrid.

Reviews of Effigy (Idol II)


Classification: upbeat mod
Musical Rating: semi-pro
    A very upbeat majestic tune. Starts slow, and gets a tiny bit faster. The mid section of the song has the same feel, which makes good use of the 4 channels. Drums and other instruments are used very well. The ending of the song slows down, and sounds almost like the beginning however.
Technical Rating: ok
    Some samples (like the drums and the shaker) sound a bit muffeled. But other samples like the trumpet sound very crisp.
Reviewer: Nick Kochakian

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