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This track came very close to non-existence.  It's as if the song had some kind of sick death wish!  Not kidding, it took me three attempts to write this track.

The first attempt was lost in a hard-drive crash.  This was an annoying setback but I started over.

Next, I erased the second attempt (which was complete) by accident when I started a new project and somehow ended up with the same filename.

(Moral of the story: MAKE BACKUPS... LOTS OF THEM!)

As the saying goes, "Three's a charm".  Needless to say I was very careful with the third remake of this track, which I have since learned has an uncanny habit of going missing.  Aminet has not lost it yet (knock on wood), but the copy of this track on has been overwritten by someone else's track.  :(

Fantasy: Top Ten of the Week Nominee on Trax In Space for Week #3, 1998.
Fantasy: Top Ten of the Week Nominee on Trax In Space for Week #3, 1998.

This is one of the tracks that I wrote in a dream.  When I woke up, I had to hurry to get the ideas out before they were forgotten.  Well, I didn't replicate the entire track from the dream, but the main ideas were all preserved.

I performed the (rather short) guitar solo on an electric guitar which I had borrowed from my friend Mike (FKA ByteCrusher) along with his Zoom effect box.

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