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Flying Fast (Dance Mix)

I'd always envisioned this one as more of a rock tune (the way it was done on my album "Explorer").  This particular version was more of an experiment than anything else.  It's probably a little bit on the long side for the casual listener.

The album version of this little tune still has some room for improvment, so I might revisit it yet again someday and aim for that elusive "ultimate mix".

This "dance" version was produced in FastTracker II, during the year I lived in Calgary with my good friend and former WesTower member Simon (aka Sinistrus).  This also marked the beginning of the long journey that lead to "Explorer".

Most of the samples used in this mix were downloaded from the MAZ collection back around 1998/1999.

Incidentally, at the time of this writing, this track can also be heard in crappy quality streaming audio format on my main page if you click the play button in the top banner area.  I've got to replace that one of these days...

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