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Freedom of Choice

This track was written in 1994 during the time I was working as an 'operator' at a radio station.  To clarify what an 'operator' does, think about what a DJ does and subtract all the talking.

Some inspiration came from several artists whose music I got to hear on a regular basis (I even ended up buying their CDs) during my shifts at work.  Two of these albums are: "Dreamer's Road" by Freddy Curci, and "Healing Hands" by Alan Frew.  Both are excellent (Canadian!) albums which I highly recommend!

Personal freedom and happiness were the essence of this MOD, and I tried to reflect this in the rather cheerful melodic lines.  :)

The strings during the chorus sections were sampled from my Yamaha PSR-38 keyboard.  The drum tracks were recorded and sampled from a separate MOD file that I created using a combination of sounds taken from my friend Colin's (FKA Magius) Yamaha PSR-400 keyboard and some public domain instruments.

The only other instrument I tampered with was a combination bass and guitar sound that really helped to fill out the overall sound.

The piano introduction was actually something I added after the rest of the MOD was complete.

Reviews of Freedom of Choice


Classification: Beat
Musical Rating: very good/semi-pro
    Got a slight problem with self-moral? then listen to this nice little uplifting mod. This is one song that definately has an awesome beat to it, but don't take my word for it, download it now and have a listen.
Technical Rating: very good/semi-pro
    The E.guitar absolutely rocks!!!
Reviewer: h h@W

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