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Aminet DE (113KB LHA)

Funky Song (AKA Matt & Mike's Funky Song)

Mike (FKA Bytecrusher) and I co-composed this piece of... funk music back in 1993.  Its official public release was on Aminet in 1995.

The vocals in this one were shouted out and sampled by none other than yours truly.  (Though I felt like such a geek doing it!)

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this track is that my friend Sean used to have a pet parrot.  One day I brought a floppy disk with this MOD on it over to his house and we put it on his playlist.  Oddly enough, when this track came on, the parrot started dancing and 'singing' along with it but when the track stopped, the bird stopped.  We put the track on again, and the bird went right back into its little song and dance!

No other tracks we tried seemed to trigger the parrot's funny behaviour, which was even stranger.  So... if you don't like this track at all, try playing it for your pet bird.  Maybe it will put on a show for you!  :)

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