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When I created this track, I was thinking about demo music.  Visions of polygons and starfields were flashing through my mind.

The pipe organ introduction was influenced by the song "Faith" by George Michael.  I don't really listen to much of his music, but the intro for this song caught my attention and I thought I could try something similar to start off Idol.

The next influence should be a little bit more obvious to anyone who is familiar with the MOD scene: Gustaf "Lizardking" Grefberg.  His track "Trans Atlantic" was a huge influence on the style I used to create Idol.

Reviews of Idol


Classification: Upbeat Classic Mod
Musical Rating: Very Good / Semi-Pro
    A majestic organ solo begins this song. This is followed by a slightly sub-par connecting section which quickly leads into the main mod. However, the choruses at 1:30, 2:30 and 3:30 are excellent, full of energy, and are the best parts of the song (notice the great sliding bassline). The song overall is well-arranged and alternates well between the "classic mod" and other timbres.
Technical Rating: Good / Amateur
    Counterpoint has put all 4 channels to good use in this tune. However, some samples are not quite up to scratch, and better volume balance would have helped this tune (at times the melody is too quiet). The fade at the end is not particularly well-executed.

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