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Intricate Personality (OctaMED Version)

"An Intricate Personality,
there's more in life than what you can see.
While many yearn for simplicity,
She weaves a web of complexity."

During my radio station days, I took a liking to the music of Steve Perry.  One of his songs, "You Better Wait", was a great source of inspiration for this track.

I wanted to create a bigger, fuller sound than usual with a more complicated harmonic structure, plus I wanted another excuse to use all the guitar samples I made when I borrowed Mike's (Bytecrusher) guitar and zoom pedal.  Combine that with some melancholy, romance, and staying up until 4am, and this is the result.

This was the third released track I composed in OctaMED SoundStudio, without the usual four-channel limit.

Warning: This track has playback issues in PC players such as ModPlug.  A 100% compatible OctaMED player is recommended.  I recommend Deliplayer.

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Intricate Personality (XM Rerelease)

This track was converted to XM in 1999 and finalized in 2004.  This was done to make the track more accessible to everyone, since reliable OctaMED players are not very common these days.

See above (MED version) for all the detailed information about this track.

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