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Jaded Sunset (OctaMED Version)

Imagine a loving couple, out on a date, walking together around a city at dusk.  This is the image I had in mind when composing this track.

The entire track actually stemmed from the drum beat, which I (ahem) borrowed from "Crystal Starlight  by Vogue/Triton which appeared in the first Crystal Dreams demo.  I started by adding some chords on top of that beat and the rest seemed to follow quite naturally.  I'm not sure what the original source of the drums is though.

Also, I was watching lots of Anime (Japanese Animation) at the time, which provided a certain degree of influence on this track.

The guitar samples were all recorded by myself using a guitar I got from my friend Mike (Bytecrusher).  I think it sounds pretty clean and bright considering the equipment I was using at the time.  :)

This was the second released track I composed in OctaMED SoundStudio, without the usual four-channel limit.

Warning: This track has playback issues in PC players such as ModPlug.  A 100% compatible OctaMED player is recommended.  I recommend Deliplayer.

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Jaded Sunset (XM Rerelease)

This track was converted to XM in 1999 and finalized in 2004.  This was done to make the track more accessible to everyone, since reliable OctaMED players are not very common these days.  I also replaced one of the synths that always used to annoy me with a better sounding one

Actually, there is an even newer version of this track (completely redone) that was used on my privately released CD which is also titled "Jaded Sunset".  The newer version is a different mix composed in FT2 with 16 bit samples.

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