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Light Year

I wrote this track close to New Year's Day (January 1st) 1995.  It was originally intended as a demotrack to be included with the release of OctaMED Pro 6.

I wanted this track to be upbeat, and to have some plausible guitar riffs going on.  I might consider remixing this track eventually, since I was never quite happy with the second half of it.

All the guitar samples were made by myself using a guitar and effect pedal that I borrowed from my friend Mike (Bytecrusher).

Reviews of Intricate Personality


Classification: rock
Musical Rating: Excellent/Professional
    An excellent track despite age. An always changing guitar song which is very catchy at times. The melody changes much throughout the song and keeps it very varied and interresting. I recognice the artist's style even though I haven't heard him do guitar melodies before. The artist shows a great understanding of musical theory and guitar-play in general
Technical Rating: Very good/professional
    I'd love to give maximum score here but the song might well deserve to be remade with newer equipment. The guitar and guitar play sounds excellent (For a .mod). The only thing that keeps this song from top score(both technically and generally) is the fact that it is a 4 channel mod (which is not a negative thing all by itself), and that it has aged. I would expect better samples and over-all quality if this was made today. Also I would like to mention that some of the stuff he does with the guitar is purely genious.
Reviewer: LittleElk

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