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Ninjaguy in the Land of Mages (short version)

Here's another project that started in OctaMED and ended in ModPlug Tracker 12 years later.  This one was started back in June 1994.

This was another concept sketch for a game idea I had with several friends.  We were going to make a game that would have been sort of a hybrid of "The Lost Vikings" and "Super Double Dragon".

In other words, it would have been a platform game starring a cartoonish ninja that combined puzzle solving and brawling, with lots of neat moves and combo-attacks.  Sadly, all that was ever made for it was a couple of short music sketches, this track being one of them.

For most of those twelve years, this track only existed as a one-minute draft.  Towards the end of 2006 and beginning of 2007 I extended it to to just over three minutes.

This track was intended to be used in the first level, where the hero ninja starts in his homeworld: a colourful land of magic and strange cartoony creatures.

You never know... if I find the time I might still try to make this game, but likely the music would also be remade with a more polished studio sound.

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