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Nymph Waltz

When I was in high school concert band, we performed "Lincolnshire Posy" by Percy Aldridge Grainger.  One of the movements, titled "Lost Lady Found", inspired me to create a similar sounding piece.

My cousin, Norm, had sent me a Yamaha PSR-38 keyboard as a gift for getting through high school.  Eager to try out its orchestra sounds, I sampled some strings and horns into MED and wrote a fantasy-inspired track based on the Grainger tune.

The 'story' of this track is that of a mythological nymph dancing alone by the riverside.  Gradually more creatures come out and join in her dance while a stranger observes from the cover of a nearby forest.

This piece was most likely written in the fall of 1993, just as I was starting University.  I released the track for the first time in 1995 on Aminet.

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