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Ocean Deep (Short XM Version)

This track was actually started around 1997 but completed in 2003.  Originally, this track was intended for my CD "Explorer" but I have revised and extended the track with new sounds.  While the new track will be found on my CD, I decided to post this version as a free download rather than scrapping it.

A long time ago I was watching a video titled "The Mind's Eye", which is a collection of computer animations set to music.  There was one track I really liked in this video called "Love Found" by the composer James Reynolds.  This music was an inspiration to me so I decided to write a similar track as an 'homage' to James.  The chord progression, bass line, and piano during the first section of my track bear a deliberate resemblance to the "Love Found" track, but I think they are different enough in that nobody is going to mistake my track for his.

Another influence on this track is the "Fishtro" track by Purple Motion.  This is one of my favourites of his tracks for some reason.  :)

I've ended up posting this as an MP3 file, since the original XM file is a fair bit larger than the MP3.

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