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Optic Neutron

Here's a track that was started around 1997/1998 and finally completed in 2004.  This was around the time that Bytecrusher and I were trying to create a PC demo.  I was experimenting with FastTracker 2 and some instruments I'd downloaded from the MAZ collection.  Finally, 16 bit instruments!

The music of Purple Motion was one of the main sources of inspiration for this track.  Also, a couple of my friends (Sean and Simon) were always asking me to put more "fiddly bits" into the music.

The rather nonsensical title for this track was actually created using an anagram generator.  If you rearrange the letters, you can spell "Counterpoint".  An experimental title for an experimental track.

I can still imagine this track accompanying a demo, with different visual effects for each segment of the music.

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