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Prelude #1 in D Minor

Baroque and classical symphonic music have always been a strong interest of mine.  After hearing some other MODs in this style, I was eager to try it out myself.

I wanted to see how far I could push a 4-channel MOD in order to create a full orchestra sound.  To achieve this, I used lots of layered instruments, which means that each channel was playing multiple parts in some places.

If this piece was written in standard musical notation, you would find the following parts:

  1. Harpsichord
  2. First Violin
  3. Second Violin
  4. Viola
  5. Bass
  6. Flute
  7. Trumpet

If you were to 'unlayer' this track, you would need 9 channels in order to play each note separately: 3 for the harpsichord, 4 for the strings, 1 for the flute, and 1 for the trumpet.

Prelude #1 : D Minor Mix: Top Ten of the Week Nominee on Trax In Space for Week #36, 1998.
Prelude #1 : D Minor Mix: Top Ten of the Week Nominee on Trax In Space for Week #36, 1998.

Harpsichord Trivia:

Some of you may have noticed that the harpsichord in this MOD plays with dynamics (loudness) at times.  A real harpsichord would not be played in this manner because there is limited control over the loudness of an individual note.  In fact, because of the mechanism used to pluck the strings, it is not possible to play a single note louder or softer.  Dynamics on a keyboard instrument were not common until the invention of the Piano.

Dynamics on a real harpsichord are achieved by simply playing more or less notes at the same time.  Some harpsichords had a mechanism to enable or disable the doubling of notes, meaning that a single press on a key would cause two or more strings (usually the same note) to be plucked.  In this way, the harpsichord could have a 'loud' and 'quiet' mode.

Original release notes:

Prelude #1 in D Minor

By Counterpoint/WesTower

Extra information I forgot to write in the MOD text:

Big thanks to Weasel, who made the original harpsichord samples
used in this song.  I believe I got them, along with a bit of
inspiration, from MOD.TeDeum-Harpsichord

By the way:

This song took me about *two-and-a-half* years to complete.  Too
many distractions and not enough time, I suppose.

Prelude #1 in D Minor

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