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Slurpee Mix


What can I say?  I like slurpees!

This strange little techno mix was inspired by those fabulous frozen beverages.

Lots of sampling went on with this one.  The (cheesy) voice samples were made by me, except for one sample which my sister Liza generously donated her voice talents for.  The funk-guitar riff was sampled from the intro of a track by a local Regina band called "Funkenstein".  Their bass player was one of my father's students.  Finally, the sequenced string samples were played on my Yamaha PSR-38 keyboard.

Hmm, perhaps I should make it perfectly clear this track was made just for fun and was never intended as a 'serious' composition.

(Note: Slurpees are a registered trademark of 7-Eleven Inc.  Frosters are a registered trademark of Mac's Convenience Stores Inc.  Above images were taken without permission from their respective websites.)

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