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Snake Dance

Here's a fun little track that makes use of "that melody".  The one that many people seem to know but nobody knows where it came from.

I did some research on this: apparently it was improvised in the 1800's by a businessman named Sol Bloom during a press conference for a show he was promoting.  The show was titled "A Street In Cairo" and it took place at the 1893 World Fair in Chicago.  Since he did not copyright this melody, some other composers used it in their own works.  Most notably, a composer named James Thornton used it one of his works, titled "The Streets of Cairo".

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This MOD was also inspired by the music from the Egyptian levels in the video game "The Lost Vikings".

Originally, this was written in MED format, and I converted it to XM in 1999.

Most of the instruments were taken from other MODs, but I layered a few of them to give the MOD a 'fuller' sound.

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