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Sunday's Samba

If there is one thing I actually liked about high school, it was the music program.  In jazz band, we got to play a good variety of styles, and one of my favourites had to be latin music.

A few instruments were taken from other MODs, but there are actually a few home-made samples in this track.  Most notably the drum loops and trumpet chords.  Many of the drum samples came from Colin's (aka Magius) Yamaha PSR-400 keyboard.  The trumpet instrument is from Deluxe Music, but the chorded versions of it were made by resampling it from a tape.

So, why did I call it "Sunday's Samba"?  Well, I finished tracking it on a Sunday and my creativity had pretty much run out.

Actually, there is also an earlier version of this track, It is pretty much identical to this track, but the drums are worse and there are no chorded trumpets.

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