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Tanx OST / Zone 99 OST

I was asked by Auroraworks to come up with a soundtrack for a game they were developing code-named "Tanx".  It was going to be a network-enabled game on the Amiga platform.  The real name of this game was "Zone 99"

Zone 99 Screenshot

Initially, they wanted me to create some 2-channel MOD tracks to be used as in-game music.  Because of the Amiga's design (4-channels of digital audio) this meant the first two channels were going to be used for sound effects while the second two were for the music.

I wanted the music to be fairly complex, so my first attempt (Tanx-3) made use of pre-rendered patterns that I sequenced together.  While the result was fairly good, the file size was a little bit too large for practical use in the game.

The next two tracks (Tanx 4, Tanx 5) I took another approach by using some smaller instruments that I mixed together to create a layered sound.  The way I used the two channels was largely inspired by a track by Purple Motion called "Minimum Velocity".  This time the files ended up much easier to use.

Another point of interest is the menu music (Tanx-2).  Mike "Bytecrusher" was over with his guitar and effects box and I recorded a few samples of him just messing around with various effects.  They weren't even specifically intended to be used in this game soundtrack, but I liked one of his improvised clips so much that I worked it into the menu music.

Unfortunately, I don't think the game ever saw the light of day.  Due to lack of budget (or so I gather), the project was scrapped and Auroraworks has since changed into some other sort of company.

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