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Techno Wonders

This is a track that I started working on in the summer of 1995.  It was completed in 1997.

Two other composers were on my mind when I was working on this one.  I'm sure it will be rather obvious to some, but they are Purple Motion/Future Crew and Travolta/Spaceballs.

The first lead synth heard in this track was created on my Yamaha synthesizer.  I'm pretty sure the other lead synth was ripped from Purple Motion's "Second Reality" track.

I actually composed much of this track blindly, meaning that I was able to enter the notes but not hear them properly in OctaMED.  This was before I was using OctaMED SoundStudio, so I had to write the notes out in OctaMED, save the file, and then play it back with DeliPlayer in order to hear what I'd done.

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