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The Big City

This was perhaps my first "serious" attempt to write a MOD.  The music itself was originally composed in Deluxe Music, which made it easier to write since I was able to focus more on learning how to use the tracker program (an early version of MED in this case).  I suppose this is the first remix I ever made.

Since I originally wrote this around 1993, and given that I was not yet able to sample my own instruments, many instruments were borrowed (aka ripped) from other MODs.  Anyone who has had a long-term relationship with MOD music will probably recognize the borrowed instruments instantly, but for those of you who don't, most of them are from the classic MOD "Beyond Music" by Captain.

"Beyond Music" and "12th Warrior" (by Dr. Awesome) were quite possibly the two MODs that convinced me to abandon Deluxe Music and learn how to use a tracker.

Reviews of The Big City


Classification: Fantasy
Musical Rating: Very Good/Amateur
    Real nice tune. And it all fits together very well. The strings add a very good sphere to this song. The drums are a little old-fashioned. The bass guitar at the beginning of the song is done pretty cool.
Technical Rating: Very Good/Semi-Pro
    Everything is fine, except that the samples don't have a very high quality. And that's a pity, cuz it that was better, the song would at least get a 8.5. Very few effects of the tracker are used.
Reviewer: Zeke

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