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Unknown Game OST

Here's another soundtrack for a WesTower game that was never made.  This one was going to be a medieval/fantasy side-scrolling hack'n'slash game.

I composed three tracks that were to be used for this game.  I was also working on some graphic tile sets, character sketches, and even some character animations.  In fact, and early version of the character "Danielle" in my sketches area was supposed to be the main character.  She was going to fight with two swords in the game and have a really cool sword-twirling special attack.

The instruments used in this collection were taken from various sources, including the Amiga version of the game "Castles".  Some of the instruments were layered and resampled in order to create a bigger symphonic sound.  I've released them in XM format (June 2005) but they were originally composed as 4-channel MED modules on the Amiga.

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