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WesTower Theme II

This track was originally composed to be the background music for the second WesTower demo... er... rather, it would have been the second demo if we'd finished the first one!  This demo was actually started, but never amounted to more than a small slideshow consisting of several WesTower logo screens.

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The glorious "Eye of the Beholder" panflute was used in this track.  Also, I merged the string bass (taken from "Castles") with another chorded instrument (taken from "Ultima 6") to help create an additional layer of sound that was otherwise not possible with the four MOD channels.  This one would have otherwise needed... 5 channels.  :)

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Some of the other WesTower members (Sinistrus and Rasputin, if I recall) asked me to make something with "more fiddly bits" in it.  Hence, the two arpeggiating instruments heard throughout.

Incidentally, all the WesTower logos were created in Deluxe Paint IV on an Amiga by none other than... me!  To be fair though, Magius coded the slideshow with music player, so it's not like everyone else was completely lazy.  ;)

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