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Wizard's Overture, The

This two part symphonic work was possibly my first somewhat decent attempt at writing an orchestral work.  I do believe that synthesized orchestral music has its place in the world though some would argue with me venomously over this topic.  Creating something that sounds like a real orchestra (note the players "warming up" in the beginning) is a challenge, and can produce some good results.  Nonetheless, I highly doubt that a synthesized orchestra could ever truly "replace" a live one.  I can't imagine anyone paying to watch a computer play music in a concert hall.  Well, maybe a robot orchestra, but not just a computer playing a MOD file.  ;)

The music of film composer Danny Elfman was a huge inspiration for this track.  I think his "Batman" soundtrack was one of the more specific influences.

There were originally going to be more sections in this work, but the first two were the only ones that were actually finished.  The story is that of an old wizard, conducting strange experiments and tampering with powerful forces in his tower.

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